Multi-purpose Floor Rubber Mats

Description Hollow Rubber Mats are a popular mats for use both in the Home and as a commercial Quality kitchen mat. These mats offer a simple solution when the user is looking for Mats suitable for wet areas like kitchens and Door entrances


The Kitchen Mat is a 3/8-inch thick 100% Nitrile rubber mat with drainage holes made from premium grade rubber.

Being made from grease resistant nitrile rubber, exhibits excellent lifecycle expectancy when used in areas where animal oils and petroleum persist.

The Kitchen Mat’s non-slip traction surface cuts down on slipping accidents while the natural resilience of rubber reduces damage to dropped objects.

Material Made From 100% Nitrile Rubber
Thickness: 3/8-inch
Sizes: 3ft x 5ft with a beveled edge
Weight: 17 lbs.
Colors: Black, Red
Applications: Anti-Skid Flooring, Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat, Art Studios, Athletic Areas, Auto Repair, Bar Runner Mat, Bathroom Rubber Mats, Boat Rubber Flooring, Buffet Lines, Chef Kitchen Mats, Clubhouses, Coffee Shops, Delis, Elevators, Entryways, Farms, Fryer Stations, Garages, Gyms, Kitchens, Industrial Floor Covering, Locker-Rooms, Meat Packing, Non-Slip Floors, Pet facilities, Pools, Protective Flooring, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Safety Flooring, Showers, Ski Resorts, Spas, Temporary Applications, Waiting Rooms, Wet Industrial Applications.