The features of our Rubber mat

1. Rubber matting with hole on the surface, can drain  away water quickly, keeping the ground dry and clean.

2. Different patterns on both sides of the rubber mat, increasing the friction between people standing on it and the ground, and guarantees the  safety of people.

3. The rubber matting with black color can be used in kitchen, workshop, warehouse, bathroom, rest room and other places, and it is easy to install and easy for clearance and maintenance.  

Restaurant Runner: The kitchen mat is non-slip, lightweight, provides drainage holes, andis grease resistant.

Grease Proof: Made from 100% nitrile rubber, this mat is as grease and chemical resistant as it gets!

Traction Mats: The Kitchen Mat’s surface texture provides an excellent traction surface. This may be our most slip-resistant mat!

Drainage Holes: The large drainage holes located throughout this mat allow liquids to easily pass through instead of being trapped and causing a safety hazard.

Safety Floor Mats: This flooring mat offers several great qualities that make it a great choice when safety is of the highest concern. It is non-slip to prevent falls, has a beveled finished edge to help avoid tripping, and it is grease resistant to help avoid falling because of slippery grease.

Hollow Rubber MAT

Why anti-slip rubber mat is so popular?

There is a very good reason why anti-slip mats are predominantly made out of rubber! This material naturally offers a high coefficient of friction which translates to excellent gripping capabilities. And we take full advantage of these natural qualities and add to them with richly textured designs that work to help inhibit movement and increase slip resistance in slick and wet areas. Perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial settings, our anti-slip mats will help protect guests, customers, and employees from potentially devastating accidents that could result in costly medical bills. Our non-slip mats can be customized. They’re also easy to install and even easier to maintain!