How to install cushion Vinyl Mkeka “Carpet ya mbao”

Make a Sketch of the Room Make a sketch of the room where the vinyl will be installed and measure accurately the room’s dimensions. Bring this drawing to the manufacturer’s showroom or ...

Window Blinds Guide~ Benefits of Window Blinds

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Adding a window blind is a great idea to change the appearance of the rooms. But most of the people who think of buying blinds are in dilemma that why they should at all buy a window blind. There a...

Anti slip Rubber Flooring Guide


Non-Slip Flooring Research and Articles Non-Slip Mats Reduce Slips and Falls to Avoid a Dining Area Close CallDon’t Tumble in the Jungle: Non-Slip Flooring vs. Your Clumsy EmployeeNon Slip Rubbe...

Cushion vinyl “Mkeka wa Mbao” In Kenya New stock Alert ! Photos


Do you live in the in cold areas? Introducing LENTEX CUSHION VINYL FLOORING popularly known as “Mkeka wa Mbao” in kenya a flooring solution ideal for cold floors. Our Cushion ...

Laminate Flooring Guide


Available in a huge range of wood and stone looks, laminate flooring uses beautifully detailed printed decors and a textured resin surface to recreate the look of the natural material. Modern laminate...

Carpet tiles New stock Alert (photos)


Kenya we got you covered with amazing carpet tiles designs Contact us on 0704424806 Email:sales@idealfloorsystems.co.ke

Why Vertical Window Blinds


Vertical Blinds are a classy alternative to curtains. Our range is sleek, modern and adaptable and is available in a wide range of colored sunscreen and blackout fabrics. Vertical blinds combine ...

Why vinyl flooring?


Advantages of Vinyl flooring Low maintenance. Vinyl flooring is relatively easy to care for. You have to make sure that grit and dirt are kept swept free to maintain the surface of the floo...

Wall to wall carpeting guide in Kenya

Wall to wall carpets in kenya

BENEFITS OF WALL-TO-WALL CARPET FOR YOUR OFFICE OR HOME 1.Carpet actually improves indoor air quality,breath fresh air The wall-to-wall carpet in the built environment acts as a filter for the ...

Ultimate Guide to Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

In spite of their critics, laminate floors are quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring choices in the consumer market. They’re are often less expensive than hardwood, stone or tile,...