To ensure our Clients Professional Floor Installation Our Qualified Team of Inhouse Floor Installers is ready to assist you in your Flooring Project from inception to Completion also advise our clients of the best way to clean and Maintain Various Floors to ensure our clients are satisfied

We take our installations seriously and strive to achieve a hassle free service for all our clients, so sit back and watch the magic happen!

Installation Procedure:

Preliminary site survey:

We recommend a site survey to determine the condition of the current floor and advice you for a perfect finish.

Floor level:

With the help of laser levels, we check the leveling of your sub-floor. In function of this we know if any additional screeding has to be done. The additional screed will be done either in cement, gypsum or a self-leveling compound, depending on location, time and of course budget.

Accurate measurements:

It is important to have accurate measurements before providing you with the quotation. Our teams are equipped with laser measuring tools that are designed for ultra-accurate sizes.

In house designs:

On demand, our in house interior designers will create a visual of your home with our flooring. This will help you choose your preferred floor and give you an impression of what the final results will look like.