Acoustic Ceiling in Kenya

Get Acoustic Ceiling tiles AMF 600*600*15mm Germany technology – Ceiling tiles made from new generation bio-soluble mineral wool, clay and starch with excellent fire resistance and acoustic performance.

Acoustic ceiling system is an ideal ceiling system used to curb noise and reverberations in a room. These panels have 360 * non-directional pattern with fresh and clear radiation, offering fast and economical montage. Average acoustic absorption indicators provide a balanced sound environment in the premises. Easy to cut and assembly. Excellent price-quality ratio.

Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Includes:

1.    Insulation

Acoustic ceiling tiles  thermal insulation is more than six times that of gypsum board, which contributes to maintaining room comfort and results in savings in terms of cooling and heating costs.

2. Fire resistance

Acoustic ceiling Panels are also non-combustible and do not emit toxic gas or smoke, melt, break or become deformed under normal fire conditions, thereby protecting ceiling areas from fire.

3.    Humidity
It further boasts a high RH99 relative humidity resistance rating for projects that require the highest demands and a fast-track building program.

4.    Aesthetics: homogenous look
Mineral Acoustic ceiling tiles come in four unique face patterns: New NDF (non-directional fissure), Constellation and Venus Perforated, which are suited to a wide variety of commercial applications.

5.Green product
Acoustic Panels are  sustainable and environmentally-friendly since they are made of 76% recycled material in their manufacturing process.