Cushion vinyl “Mkeka wa Mbao” New stock Alert ! Photos


Do you live in the in cold areas? Introducing LENTEX CUSHION VINYL FLOORING popularly known as “Mkeka wa Mbao” in kenya a flooring solution ideal for cold floors. Made in Polan...

Laminate flooring stock( photos)

We deliver laminate flooring to our esteemed clients throughout the country. Brand Name: Krono original Warranty: 20 years Contact:0704424806

Carpet tiles New stock Alert (photos)

Kenya we got you covered with amazing carpet tiles designs Contact us on 0704424806

Wall to wall carpeting guide in Kenya

Wall to wall carpets in kenya

BENEFITS OF WALL-TO-WALL CARPET FOR YOUR OFFICE OR HOME 1.Carpet actually improves indoor air quality,breath fresh air The wall-to-wall carpet in the built environment acts as a filter for the ...