Sunscreen rolling blinds are designed to filter the amount of light entering your building while preserving your outside view.Sunscreen roller blinds significantly reduce the sun’s glare while still allowing light through. The effect is similar to putting on a pair of sunglasses. The fabric has an open weave that allows a view while still providing privacy.

Our Sunscreen roller blinds are hand made and customizable with a choice of chain control, bottom bar, and bracket/mechanism colours.

  Sunscreen blinds: Key features

    • High performance sunscreen fabric
    • Flame retardant – suitable for commercial use
    • Blocks 95% of harmful UV rays and prevents furniture from fading
    • Reduces infrared rays to keep room cool
    • Allows privacy whilst still providing a view out
    • Reduces glare whilst still allowing light through
    • High quality mechanism
    • Chain tidy included
    • Various options available – magnet hold downspelmetscassette & side tracksdouble blindslinked blinds and motorised blin