Basic Range

Simple & Not Complicated

Everything in life goes back to the basic. Blend well with classic aesthetics and functionality. Easy to install, robust and simple maintenance.

RB1901 Empire Oak

About the Empire Oak

Empire Oak Laminate. Rustic effect with variance blend of dark and light brownish strips add warmness to the space with character and distinction.

RB1902 Michelangelo Walnut

About the Michelangelo Walnut

It’s a master piece of walnut grain design with layered cathedrals to add on its complexity. It brings out the cozy and the contemporary room ambience.

RB1903 Nairo

About the Nairo

Nairo is based on Chestnut. By brushing the surface, the slightly rough wood texture is enhanced.
Parts of the flowers and knots are running in opposite directions.

RB1904 Kronberg Oak

About the Kronberg Oak

This planked oak originated from old railway sleepers. The timber, strongly parched by the sun for years, displays authentic discolourations, seasonal marks and cracks. Completely natural.

RB1907 Natural Walnut

About the Natural Walnut

Natural Walnut with its impressive and luxurious lines gives each ambience a royal elegance.The fluent and visually unique details are inspiring the spectator and attracts attention.

RB2101 Gante Oak

About the Gante Oak

This interesting oak design is treated in a very natural way in order to preserve the most innate and wild qualities of this typical wood. It has very faint but unique details.

RB2105 Allura Oak

About the Allura Oak
Product Specification

Thickness: 8mm
Texture: Deep Emboss
AC Rating: AC3
Dimension: 196 x 1288mm
Panel /Package: 8 Pieces
Locking System: R Lock
Warranty: 5 years heavy domestic. 5 years moderate commercial use.


Decor Flexibility

Superior Abrasion Class

Resistance Cigarette Fire

Low Thickness Swelling

Resistance Wheel Abrasion

Resistant to Stain

Excellent UV Resistant

Perfect Locking Strength

Impact Resistant

Safety Every Step


5 years for heavy domestic
5 years for moderate commercial use.