Aesthetic Collection

For contemporary & elegant lifestyle

Inspired by the timeless and refined beauty of Scandinavian glamour.

The natural warmth and wood texture create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

SP010 Whitemist Oak

About the Whitemist Oak

Light and delicate. Half and entire cathedrals slide beautifully and harmoniously. Whitemist is amazing in terms of the original material and rich in terms of movement and color.

SP011 Moonlight Oak

About the Moonlight Oak

Moonlight is a very modern oak design. Its light cathedrals generate a beautiful movement to highlight a cozy and pleasant room, perfect for restfulness and tranquility.

SP012 Champagne Oak

About the Champagne Oak

All we want in our home is a cozy and quiet space and Champagne Oak is a perfect ally for that. Very balanced and natural; flexible for homes with different styles and decorations.

SP013 Golden Almond Oak

About the Golden Almond Oak

Shaken in structure and movement, derived from its great and prominent cathedrals. However, with natural colors in Golden Almond Oak, the overall result is a balanced and pleasant design.

SP015 Smoked Grey Oak

About the Smoked Grey Oak

A Timber wood characterized by its small pores, almost the same size nearly of the same size and evenly distributed throughout the design. Smoked Grey Oak is known as a distinctive and modern diffused wood.

SP016 Macchiato Oak

About the Macchiato Oak

A modern and perfectly designed oak that catches the current spirit of our time. It sets progressive accents. The harmonious and exceptional combination of cracks, rustic knots and saw cuts emphasise the uniqueness of this decor.

Product Specification

Thickness: 8mm
Texture: Luna Chrome
AC Rating: AC4
Dimension: 198 x 1222mm
Panel /Package: 8 Pieces
Locking System: R Lock
Warranty: 20 years heavy domestic. 15 years moderate commercial use.


Decor Flexibility

Superior Abrasion Class

Resistance Cigarette Fire

Low Thickness Swelling

Resistance Wheel Abrasion

Resistant to Stain

Excellent UV Resistant

Perfect Locking Strength

Impact Resistant

Safety Every Step


20 years for heavy domestic
15 years for moderate commercial use.