Also known as day and night blinds, Zebra roller blinds are a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds. By allowing you to adjust the position of the banded fabric to your desired privacy and light setting, you can enjoy enhanced flexibility day and night.Versatility and convenience. Zebra blinds really are the ‘do-it-all’ option and give you so much fine control over your lighting and privacy.

Whereas your typical roller blinds can either be rolled up or down, zebra blinds give you that third option between opened and closed. It’s a perfect option for enjoying the daylight without overexposing your window or inviting in too much glare.

Zebra blinds are just as capable of providing full window coverage – even blackout coverage for a bedtime blind – and can be rolled up for a full view like any other roller blind. You’ve just got that range of extra choices, and the simple design makes it really quick and easy to switch between these different modes.

This flexibility means that zebra blinds can work pretty much anywhere in the home, whether that’s your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. They’re a great choice for a children’s room or nursery – alternating the stripes makes for perfect nap time lighting.