Sleek Collection

Classic aesthetics & functionality

Everything in life goes back to the basic. Blend well with classic aesthetics and functionality.

Easy to install, robust and simple maintenance.

O120 Millenium Oak

About the Millenium Oak

Millenium Oak Originally this broadly laid-out oak was developed for the floor and demonstrates an attractive authenticity with its generous cathedrals and knots. The layout and typical dark shades of color lend it an appearance of antiquity.

O134 Cottage Oak

About the Cottage Oak

Stylish and in line with the latest trends it perfectly catches the spirit of the times.

O135 Grey Waltham Oak

About the Grey Waltham Oak

Grey Waltham Oak full plank conjure up the sensation from the fusion of the modern feel & the classic touch. With the medium ash grey color tone, It has designed with the best vintage legacy, feel of seasoned floor and everlasting.

O136 Prestige Oak

About the Prestige Oak

Its golden brown shades, as well as its characteristic veining pays homage to the tropical wood per excellence. Gum details and deeply brushed achieves a three-dimensional visual effect.

TWS 215 Arosa Oak

About the Arosa Oak

An all-time classic décor with a combination of straight parts and discreet cathedrals. The color is easy to combine with many modern interior concepts.

W15 Yukon Walnut

About the Yukon Walnut

The design shows with generous curves and restrained colors the interpretation of a vibrant stage. “Yukon Walnut” sets accents in interior design.

Product Specification

Thickness: 12mm
Texture: Silky Gloss
AC Rating: AC4
Dimension: 115 x 1283mm
Panel /Package: 8 Pieces
Locking System: R Click
Warranty: 25 years heavy domestic. 20 years moderate commercial use.


Decor Flexibility

Superior Abrasion Class

Resistance Cigarette Fire

Low Thickness Swelling

Resistance Wheel Abrasion

Resistant to Stain

Excellent UV Resistant

Perfect Locking Strength

Impact Resistant

Safety Every Step


25 years for heavy domestic
20 years for moderate commercial use.