Nature Collection

For simple & resilient lifestyle

Made of “No one says no” decors which blend well with all living styles perfectly.

The classical range with ever popular decors suit any space elegantly.

AC22 Acacia Chocolate

About the Acacia Chocolate

2 planks design with harmonious structure & authentic knots in umber brown colours. This trendy and earthy medium hazelnut tone a modern & rustic noblesse.

CA11 Canyon Pekan

About the Canyon Pekan

Canyon Pekan Laminate. The design of Canyon Pekan is represented in a rustic but yet a stylish way. Wih its balanced & natural expression, the full plank design blending the light and brownish coffee tones pattern fits in every functional ambience.

CE21 Tropical Chengal

About the Tropical Chengal

Tropical Chengal Laminate. Tropical Cengal shines classy with brown umber color and the 2 strips exotic wood in moderate wavy shades of earthy medium tone is exceptionally suited into luxurious environment. Create relaxing, soulful and Zen atmosphere. It has a slight textured finish and an AC4 rating which is one of the highest in the industry.

O112 Heritage Oak

About the Heritage Oak

Heritage Oak full plank is a true natural design. It looks charming with its light and khaki tone and natural wood crown pattern especially installed in larger area. Easy to mix & match with any interior design to create unique personal style.

O120 Millenium Oak

About the Millenium Oak

Millenium Oak Originally this broadly laid-out oak was developed for the floor and demonstrates an attractive authenticity with its generous cathedrals and knots. The layout and typical dark shades of color lend it an appearance of antiquity. The natural design surface strengthens its impact.

O121 Vespucci Oak

About the Vespucci Oak

very rustic with a slight vintage touch is the oak that is named after the navigator
Vespucci who sailed with Columbus. Its large knots and grain make Vespucci Oak a décor with a particular diversity.

Product Specification

Thickness: 8mm
Texture: Deep Emboss
AC Rating: AC4
Dimension: 193 x 1283mm / 196 x 1288mm
Panel /Package: 8 Pieces
Locking System: R Click / R Lock
Warranty: 20 years heavy domestic. 15 years moderate commercial use.


Decor Flexibility

Superior Abrasion Class

Resistance Cigarette Fire

Low Thickness Swelling

Resistance Wheel Abrasion

Resistant to Stain

Excellent UV Resistant

Perfect Locking Strength

Impact Resistant

Safety Every Step


20 years for heavy domestic
15 years for moderate commercial use.