Avant-Garde Collection

For Exotic & Unique Lifestyle

A rich array of styles designed to inspire your global spirit; all of which can withstand heavy traffic as well.

Exotic Range with fascinating decors and easy to mix-and-match designs to create unique personal styles.

0307 Roble XL

About the Roble XL

Roble XL décor is expressive and full of character. The focal point is the natural and lively knotting of the material and its typical rustic features that makes a realistic impression of solid wood.

1682 Synchro Oak

About the Synchro Oak

A strong oak with large but well integrated flowers and markings. A strong play of colors and the planks among themselves make this decor very flexible to use. Despite the intensive appearance, the overall design looks very elegant.

2359 Tahoa Oak

About the Tahoa Oak

Tahoa Oak is a heart-smoked oak with distinctive but not too obtrusive elements. The flowers and cathedrals fit together with a harmonious play of colors that unfolds perfectly in the warm and dark tones. The structure is mild, the pores are open and clearly defined.

2767 Chandelier Oak

About the Chandelier Oak

The trend today leads us to cleaner and calmer materials and that is why Chandelier is a very successful proposal. This pavement is of homogeneous character and without many details to cause that peace we are looking for in our home.

6427 Preston Oak

About the Preston Oak

A warmer and sturdier version of Preston Oak is derived by the enhanced colour tone, fuller coverage and stronger grain contrast. The impression of a solid timber flooring is achieved by the strength of this combination.

O133 Cardiz Oak

About the Cardiz Oak

Natural looking woodgrains remain much in demand in flooring sector, inspiring this oak décor with its select look of solid wood and its various lively details. The interplay of broad planking, fine pores and knots of all size creates a balanced overall impression.

O134 Cottage Oak

About the Cottage Oak

Stylish and in line with the latest trends it perfectly catches the spirit of the times.

0318 Monasterio Oak

About the Monasterio Oak

Our Monasterio Oak displays its distinctive details in a very strong, individual and natural way. Its well balanced knots and wavy details provide the design a rustic look without being aggressive.

Product Specification

Thickness: 8mm
Texture: Silky Gloss
AC Rating: AC4
Dimension: 193 x 1283mm
Panel /Package: 8 Pieces
Locking System: R Click
Warranty: 20 years heavy domestic. 15 years moderate commercial use.


Decor Flexibility

Superior Abrasion Class

Resistance Cigarette Fire

Low Thickness Swelling

Resistance Wheel Abrasion

Resistant to Stain

Excellent UV Resistant

Perfect Locking Strength

Impact Resistant

Safety Every Step


20 years for heavy domestic
15 years for moderate commercial use.