This is the ultimate, super thick and luxury wool carpet underlay we supply. At nearly 10 mm thick, it provides superb levels of comfort underfoot making your carpets feel luxurious to walk on.

Its enhanced thickness will provide you with a cost-efficient method for retaining heat and keeping energy bills to a minimum. Wool underlays are great for insulation so it helps stop heat loss through your floor.

As well as being a superb carpet cushion, this heavy-weight wool felt underlay is also eco-friendly and has a comfort rating meaning it can be installed to any area that requires a luxury softness and cushioning underfoot. As with any carpet underlay this wool underlay is a durable underlay which is capable of absorbing heavy footfall and advanced acoustic reduction properties.

  • Ideal if you’re looking for heat and sound insulation.
  • Perfect for making your home comfortable.
  • Prolong the life of your carpet.
  • Guaranteed to provide a cushioned underfoot effect.
  • Eco-friendly, wool is a natural fiber which is safe for the planet – unlike foam or rubber underlays which are made from plastic/rubber.