Ideal floor systems E.A ltd is Kenya’s leading quality and affordable carpet tiles flooring  provider in Kenya .

Carpet tiles are uniformly constructed  carpet squares of 500mm by 500mm with a width of 6mm which come in different colors and patterns ideally suited for commercial applications, such as in offices, schools, airports, etc.It is easy to repair a damaged area of carpet tiles floor and restore the beautiful look of your floor.

  • size: 500mm by 500 mm
  • Material : fiber
  • Rubber backing
  • Resistance to high traffic
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable-Lasts for a very long time

Different colors and designs of carpet tiles can be used to achieve desired blend of  designs. Carpets tiles are ideal for high traffic areas executive offices,Boardrooms,Receptions,hotels and  hospitality industry.

Carpet tiles in kenya

A look at carpet tiles installed

Carpet tiles installation

Ongoing carpet tiles installation