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Wet spots and slippery areas can be common sights in commercial stores, public facilities, and retail malls. Unfortunately, wet flooring has the potential to become a serious hazard for a business, causing both employees and customers to suffer accidents. Slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of injuries, and business owners should take every step possible to prevent such hazards with non-slip flooring or matting. You can increase safety in problematic areas by installing one of our rubber non-slip flooring mats in entrances, walkways, and other high-traffic areas. The Rubber Flooring Experts offer a wide selection of non-slip floors that make for more secure, safe, and affordable flooring solutions while adding life to your existing commercial area. Our non-slip rubber matting products allow you to focus on the most important aspects of your business instead of constantly worrying about the safety of your customers and employees.

The secret behind our non-slip flooring lies within the rubber material used to make it. One of the unique features of rubber is that it has a very high coefficient of friction with the soles of feet and footwear. Thanks to this friction, when you walk over non-slip rubber matting, your feet will experience an improved level of grip and traction that they would not experience on unprotected floors like tile, laminate, or even concrete. Slips and falls are caused by unintended movement of your feet. The high friction from rubber non-slip floors counteracts these kinds of accidental movements and keep your feet in place, preventing you from slipping and falling. This helps maintain your balance, preventing you from experiencing slip accidents. The rubber material of our non-slip flooring provides just enough friction to keep you standing upright and stable on your two feet, especially while walking around